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Quote of the Week & Reflection 
Posted by Jonathan Quail on the 12th of May 2019

“I am responsible for what I see.
  I choose the feelings I experience
  And I decide upon the goal I would achieve,
  And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for,
  And I receive as I have asked.”
                                     - A Course in Miracles (T:21.2.3-5)
This is a great quote from my favourite spiritual teaching and book - A Course in Miracles (ACIM) - because it challenges us to accept full responsibility for whatever we experience, especially the negative, apparently hurtful things we will all experience quite frequently in life.

If you can take full responsibility for anything negative you experience rather than projecting your own guilt for what you subconsciously think you've done to yourself onto others by accusing, blaming or complaining about them, which is the ego's default modus operandi, you'll be undoing the ego's insane thought system based on guilt, fear and attack systematically and seeing every negative experience as what it really is - an opportunity to Let Go of Your Negativity and Experience Happiness, Peace and Love (which I collectively call 'Flow') instead.

I've recorded a video during which I expand on this Week's quote and my brief Reflection above in a lot more detail and give you a deeper insight into the profoundly freeing thought system ACIM teaches. 

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During the Webinar, I'll also be guiding you through the Ten-Step Letting Go Process I've developed that is a synthesis of the profound teachings in ACIM into a fairly simple process that even someone not familiar with ACIM can use to help them let go of any negativity in minutes.    

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Thanks for reading this and I wish you an inspired day and week ahead. To help you stay that way, remember that anything negative that seems to happen to you is really Just Another Opportunity to Let Go and Find Your Flow

 Yours in Flow 


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