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I'm a Letting Go and Breathwork Coach. In plain English, this means I help individuals, teams and organisations to Let Go of their Negativity and Find Their Flow in Life, Sport and Business using Breathwork, Meditation and other Transformational Techniques.

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Quote of the Week & Life Hack 
Posted by Jonathan Quail on the 2nd of June 2019

“Every bite you take is either fighting or feeding disease.”
                                                                                            - Unknown Author
After breathing and drinking water, eating food is probably the most important thing we do to keep our bodies alive and healthy. I've covered breathing and water in previous Life Hacks - see the links to the right of this page if you missed these and would like to catch up with them now - so the subject of today's Life Hack is Food and the choices we make about the food we eat.  

Today's quote is very simple, but makes the obvious point that we are making a choice every time we eat something - the choice of whether to feed our body something that nourishes it and helps us stay free of disease, or something that is likely to feed disease.

It's interesting that the word 'disease' is made up of two syllables - 'dis' and 'ease', which is very descriptive, because disease doesn't only affect our bodies, it affects our mental and emotional state and puts us in a state of dis-ease that reflects in our bodies and which our bodies feed back to our minds in a self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating cycle that is hard to break free from. 
So, preventing dis-ease is a far better strategy than trying to cure it once we are in that diseased state of body and mind. This is why we need to be constantly mindful of what we eat. In today's Video, I talk about a diet called 'The Zone Diet' I've been following for the last 20 years and its simple philosophy. 

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If you'd like to know more about the phenomenon of being in 'the Zone' or in 'Flow' and how you can live your life in Flow, you're invited to attend a FREE Webinar on The Art of Letting Go that I'll be running this coming Thursday from 7 pm UK time (8 pm SA time)

If you attend, I'll be guiding you through a Ten-Step Letting Go Process that will help you to Let Go of Any Stressful Thought or Emotion (and its corresponding effects in the body) in Minutes and Find More Flow in Your Life Without Having to Resort to Alcohol, Food or Pills to Comfort You and Ease Your Stress

I'll also be sharing the story of when I experienced a state of complete 'Flow' or being in 'the Zone' for the first time early in my professional squash career and how it profoundly changed not only my squash career, but my whole life. 

I hope to chat to you on Thursday evening. Have an inspired day and week in the meantime and to help you do that, remember that anything negative that seems to happen to you is really Just Another Opportunity to Breathe, Let Go and Find Your Flow...

Yours in Flow 

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Are You Ready to Let Go and Find Your 'Flow'?

is a state of mind in which a person doing something is fully immersed in that activity. They typically feel energised, fully focused and a great sense of enjoyment while doing the activity. 

In essence, ‘Flow’ is characterised by complete absorption in what you're doing and a resulting loss of your normal perception of space and time. It’s also referred to as being ‘in the Zone’, particularly in sporting circles, where it’s highly prized because sportsmen and women perform at a much higher level when they are ‘in the zone’.

However, you don’t have to be a competitive sports person to benefit from being in ‘the zone’. Whether you are working on a computer, cooking a meal, driving, playing with your kids or doing any of the many activities that fill our days, the enjoyment of what you do and the results you experience are directly proportional to the level of your flow.

This is what the renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle has to say about the phenomenon of Flow in life:

“Artistic creation, sports, dance, teaching, counselling — mastery in any field of endeavour implies that the thinking mind is either no longer involved at all or at least is taking second place. A power and intelligence greater than you and yet one with you in essence takes over. There is no decision-making process anymore; spontaneous right action happens, and ‘you’ are not doing it. Mastery of life is the opposite of control. You become aligned with the greater consciousness. It acts, speaks, does the works.”

The formula for happiness and success in life is therefore very simple:

Increased Ability to Let Go  =  More Flow  =  Greater Happiness  =  Increased Success    

Could life really be this simple? Yes, it really is. But don’t take my word for it – I invite you to do The Art of Letting Go Course and discover the Secret of Authentic Happiness, Fulfilling Flow and True Success for yourself. Because I can tell you this truth forever, but only when you believe it through your own experience will it mean anything to you. 

More importantly, I can’t experience your Flow, happiness and success for you. But I can show you the way to experience these states consistently if you are willing to learn How to Let Go of the Blocks that Stop You From Experiencing Them

These blocks are your own negative thoughts and emotions, which so often seem to be caused by people and events outside yourself. This is not true, but it seems to be true to you at the time, or you would not react negatively to them.


Now I'm going to ask you to do a simple exercise to help you to see this. Take a deep breath through your nose and reflect on an experience where you felt extremely blocked and negative.... 

How did that feel? Now repeat the exercise, but think of an experience where you felt completely in flow, free and happy... 

How did that feel? Be aware of the difference in feelings and consciously note which one you prefer and why. 

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you could feel the happy, flowing feeling you prefer even when the circumstances you are in would normally make you feel negative and blocked? 

Now ask yourself how much you want to learn this Priceless Skill - yes, it is a skill that can be learned - and what you are willing to do to learn it. 

If this article and short exercise has piqued your interest, you are invited to attend the next Art of Letting Go FREE Webinar I'll be running this coming Thursday evening from 7 to 8.30 pm UK time (8 - 9.30 pm SA time) to Find out How to Let Go of Any Negative Thought or Emotion in Minutes and Find Your Flow in Life - click the Button below to do that now:

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Lifebuild is a business founded by me and my partner Deborah Graham that teaches people How to Let Go of Negativity and Find their Flow in Life, Sport and Business.

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