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Thanks for coming here to find out more about how I may be able to serve you. I’ve detailed the services I offer below, but if you have any questions, please do Get in Touch With Me. I hope to connect with you and be able to help you soon! 

"Just wanted to say you are a great coach, You made me feel I could actually do this. Thank you." 
- Jackie M, NLP Practitioner

Online Transformational Training

I've developed and facilitate a Six-week Online Transformational Training Course designed to help anyone learn the Most Valuable Skill in the World - Letting Go.

Just like me, I'm sure you weren't taught how to let go of negativity by your parents, teachers at school, lecturers at university or on-the-job trainers. Because you've never been taught how to let go of your negativity, like most people, you've probably accumulated a fair amount of Emotional Baggage during the course of your life, whether these are grievances and resentment over the way someone treated you, disappointment over an apparent failure, grief at the loss of someone you loved through death or anything else seemingly negative that has happened to you during your life.

If you ever want to find Authentic Happiness and True Success in Life, you have to Learn How to Let Go of Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Baggage because these will make you feel unhappy, block your Flow and sabotage your Success. This is why Letting Go is the One Essential Skill in Life, yet it's a Skill that is little understood and even less taught. 

The good news is that Letting Go is a Skill (and an Art) that can be learned and taught, and so You Can Learn to Let Go of your Negativity and Emotional Baggage. The six-week Art of Letting Go Course is designed to teach you How to Let Go of Any Negative Thought or Emotion (no matter how dark, deep-seated or long-standing it seems to be) and Find Authentic Happiness, Fulfilling Flow and True Success in Your Life. 

If you'd like to find out more about The Art of Letting Go Course, please Join a FREE Webinar that I'll be running this coming Thursday at 7 pm UK time (8 pm SA time).

"Peace - less anxiety, sleep better, I don't take pain killers anymore for stress headaches (really!), better relationships with my children, not as frightened or worried.” 
– Robyn B, Art of Letting Go Course Graduate and working mother in her late 40s

1-to-1 Life Coaching

I also offer 1-to-1 coaching sessions where I can listen to your individual problems and issues and help you to work through them by applying the Letting Go Philosophy and Techniques like Breathwork and Meditation, which I'll help you to learn at your own pace in online chat sessions we'll schedule as and when you want them.

"(The coaching session) helped me release 'emotional baggage' I carried around for over 5 years! So for me it was life transforming for now & for the future… I also understand I have been the cause of my own pain… Thank you so much!" 
- Jothie H, Coaching Client

I do offer individual coaching as part of The Art of Letting Go Mastery Course that is open to just 12 People to make sure I can give each of them personalised attention, so if you're interested in coaching, I'd suggest you Attend the Next Free Art of Letting Go Webinar I'll be presenting this coming Thursday at 7 pm UK time (8 pm SA time) during which I'll be discussing The Art of Letting Go Mastery Course. 

Or you're welcome to Contact Me to Arrange a Free 20-minute Chat so I can find out more about you, your life and what you'd like to accomplish through individual coaching with me. 

"The ego comes back with a vengeance – when the latter happens I have to tell you, I use your words 'bring it on'. Forgiveness is beautiful. The forgiveness process and the journey is AMAZING – THANK YOU! I have to tell you with all humbleness I am in the flow and have been attracting and manifesting much in the last 2 months and every other day something happens that serves as confirmation that I am on track and that the path of enlightenment is the only way and ultimately what we all seek. Remain as awesome and humble as you are!"  
- Alfreda B, Coaching Client

Breath Coaching and Training

I also offer Breath Coaching and Training either 1-to-1 or in group sessions.

I've been doing breathwork in one form or another for over 20 years. As a professional squash player, I taught myself to breathe through my nose when I was playing competitively or training for squash, and ten years later, to hold my breath for as long as half an hour (that's not a joke, but I don't suggest you try copying this straight away!).

I've also done thousands of hours of yoga, trained with some of the world's leading experts on Breathwork, including Dan Brule, the late Dr. Barry Spitz and The Art of Living Foundation and learnt more than 20 different breathing techniques over the years, including several yogic breathing techniques, holotropic, transformational and rebirthing breathing. 

"Thanks for the breathing sessions & for all your passion helping us learn about the inspiring approach to helping others. Your work has resonated with the team, hospital staff & patients. Am convinced it's worth pursuing how we make this a sustainable innovative offering."
- Dr. Ryan Fuller, geriatric psychiatrist

If you have problems with your breathing, including shallow breathing, hyperventilation, asthma or exercise-induced asthma, I can probably help you to correct these in a couple of 1-to-1 sessions that can be done in person or online.

If you're a serious or competitive athlete or sportsman/woman (or the manager/coach of a sports team), learning what I can teach you or your players can give you the edge that every athlete is looking for. 
"Coming to your seminar was amazing. Having been involved with Sport Science for 30 years, I was amazed that somebody wishing to teach me how to breathe could exist. I mean you are born knowing to breathe, right? Wrong!  I learned so much from your seminar that I have implemented in my own life and will continue to use it with the Professional sportsmen I come across. Thanks and I can’t wait for you to do a formal course with Coach Baxter’s team in the near future." 
- Dr. David Kaplan, Medical Doctor and Sports Science Specialist


"He is definitely benefiting from using the breathing techniques you taught him. He uses it while running (he is doing trail running as a sport this term). He also uses it in the gym - and has managed to impressively increase his weight lifting capacity. He is also using it while ergo-ing. We would like the second session please..." 
- Christine S. (mother of a junior rower, about his improved performance in training after just one hour of breath coaching)   

I also offer 6 hours of breath coaching and breathwork training as part of The Art of Letting Go Mastery Course that is open to only 12 People to make sure I can give each of them personalised attention, so if you're interested in breath coaching, I'd suggest you Attend the Next Free Art of Letting Go Webinar I'll be presenting this coming Thursday at 7 pm UK time (8 pm SA time) during which I'll be discussing The Art of Letting Go Mastery Course and guiding you through a couple of basic breathing techniques. 

Or you're welcome to Contact Me to Arrange a Free 20-minute Chat so I can find out more about you and what you'd like to accomplish through breath coaching. 

Corporate Training, Key-note Speaking and Coaching

I offer Key-Note Speaking and longer Training sessions for companies and organisations wanting to inspire (literally!) their employees. The sessions focus on experientially teaching employees the Power of their Breathing to transform their physical, mental and emotional state in a matter of minutes.

Unlike many 'motivational' talks that temporarily inspire people but have little or no lasting positive effect on employee performance, if your staff use these techniques regularly to help them counteract stress and stay calm when dealing with difficult situations and customers, a session of just an hour or two will have a lasting beneficial effect on their well-being and work performance because it will empower them with a Simple Tool they can use anywhere at any time to Let Go of Negative Thoughts and Emotions, Find Peace of Mind and Deal with Any Situation in a Poised, Appropriate Way

"All the feedback (on the talk) I received was very positive; ... I ... enjoyed every minute of your presentation and had fruit for thought afterwards."
- Natashja Smit, Sun International

"I have just e-mailed your link (to download the presentation that was used to support the presentation) to all the ladies who attended the conference. Some of them harassed me the whole morning for this link. Thanks again for a job well done." 
- Anna-Marie Rossouw, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

I can also do a Key-Note Talk and longer Training session on The Power of Values to transform the way individuals and organisations think and behave. The Talk and Training are effectively an introduction to the Inspired Capital Index, a Values-based System for measuring and managing organisational performance that I've developed and can help your organisation to implement if you resonate with what I share during the Talk and Training.

"Excellent, mind blowing - helped me to understand company restructure and cope better with change. Empowering - enlightening, definitely an eye-opener, new concepts realising a higher conscience. Informative and motivating." 
- Salleha Jamal, Bankserv

Finally, I can Coach entrepreneurs, managers and executives to help them Reduce their Stress and Perform More Consistently at Their Peak. I do this by teaching them Breathing, Meditation and other Techniques to help them to Let Go and Find their Flow in both Business and Life

"Just listened to the Theta Meditation... nice work!" 
- Paul Waldeck, Entrepreneur and Founder of WiNspire, a Business That Helps Companies to Measure Their Values 

I've delivered key-note talks or training for many comapnies and organisations in South Africa, including Sun International, Eskom, Momentum, the Department of Water Affairs, The Holiday Club, Sportron International, Smile Education, Rand Mutual Assurance, Ananzi, SuperGroup and SA Rugby.

This is me in action delivering some Training for 200 Eskom employees on How to Overcome Fear to Create Safety in the Workplace - please Click the Link Below to watch the first 25 minutes of the session: 

If you'd like me to Inspire Your Employees to Improve Their Performance and Personal Well-being too, please do Get in Touch

"I would like to Thank You for an outstanding and value for money presentation. It was Incredible!" 
- Gordon Mackay, Property Investor and Speaker on Property Investment  

"Resonated with my very being ... confirmed what I know ... Fabulous ... Incredible; SA needs this right now!!! Take it out there, this whole beautiful country needs to shift its focus from crime to success, safety and abundance ... I just want to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude at the gift(s) you gave me (us) last Wednesday. I loved every moment of your session and look forward to attending another one of your sessions again soon... I hope you don’t slow down, but keep growing and spreading the awareness and waking people up… I was amazed at the parallels of messages in some of my own training/facilitation sessions on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development..." 
- Dumisani Magadlela, Development Bank of Southern Africa 

"I again reiterate how wonderful your talk was. You are indeed a talented speaker. It was a pleasure having you there. I believe you have a wonderful future ahead of you in public speaking and motivation. You are a special human being." 
- Candice Goldstein, Sportron International Distributor

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